The FIRECO high pressure fire kits allow extinguishing with much less water.
The vaporized water makes it possible to increase the heat exchange area and to absorb a greater amount of heat and thus obtain a greater cooling capacity.
Combined with FIRECO foam systems, FIRECO kits are formidable tools against fire in first intervention, in industrial sites, or on light vehicles, where heavy vehicles cannot pass.
These kits are completely autonomous, ready to operate and you can choose their composition according to the needs:
- Water tank from 100 to 2500 L, L-shaped, T-shaped or Cubic
- Tank of your choice, in fiber reinforced polyester (PRFV), in polyester reinforced with Kevlar / carbon fiber, or in stainless steel
- The fire engine pumps range, as desired, from 20 to 170L for pressures up to 250 bars,
- PETROL or DIESEL engines with electric and manual start
- 1 or 2 manual or electric reels and up to 150m of hose,
- 1 or 2 High Pressure Submachine Gun Lances,
- Foam kit on request