Universal spanner wrenches


  • In steel
  • Fittings from DN20 to DN120
  • Red color

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Universal spanner wrenches

  • Made of universal steel
  • Epoxy resin coating
  • For connections from 20 to 120
  • Weight of 0.42 kg


  • This universal spanner wrench is robust and durable, made of high quality steel.
  • Epoxy resin coating for corrosion protection, suitable for harsh environments.
  • versatility
  • Ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip, even in stressful emergency situations.
  • Versatile, capable of fitting a range of fittings commonly used in plumbing and fire systems.
  • Ability to adapt to different sizes of fittings, providing a quick and efficient response during interventions.
  • Light weight for easy transport and use in the field.
  • Essential in the firefighter's arsenal for protecting lives and property during fires and other emergencies

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