ForestFlex collapsible fire hoses


  • Circular weaving
  • Chemical resistant
  • EPDM polyester cover
  • Complies with fire standard

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The flattenable fire hoses for professional intervention are available in several versions. Secure your intervention thanks to standardized fire pump products

Characteristics of collapsible fire hoses :

  • Teflon type external anti-stain treatment, the Teflon type external treatment facilitates hose maintenance while providing additional protection against stains.
  • High abrasion resistance
  •  Double weft polyester envelope and double internet EPDM coating
  •  Circular weaving
  •  Can be used in seawater
  • Fluorescent yellow color


  • Soft and lightweight hose
  • Optimal visibility, its fluorescent yellow color with blue-red-blue edging ensures maximum visibility. This is essential in environments where visual safety is paramount.
  • Compliance with quality standards, the product conforms to high quality standards such as NFS 61112, DIN 14811, PREN 1924-1, EN 14540. They ensure reliable and industry-standard performance.
  • Marine versatility, thanks to its resistance to seawater, the flattenable fire hoses are perfectly suited to marine applications. This allows it to expand its range of uses.
  • Lightness and Flexibility, The hose's intelligent construction with a high-strength polyester casing and reinforced circular weave makes it light and flexible. This makes the pipe easier to handle, transport and store.

Various diameters available for ForestFlex collapsible fire hoses

  • 25 mm (Working pressure: 30 Bar, Burst pressure: 90 Bar)
  • 45 mm (Working pressure: 20 Bar, Burst pressure: 60 Bar)
  • 70 mm (Working pressure: 20 Bar, Burst pressure: 60 Bar)
  • 110 mm (Working pressure: 12 Bar, Burst pressure: 35 Bar)

Standards respected:

  • DIN 14811
  • EN 14540
  • PREN 1924-1
  • NFS 61112

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