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chassis-mounted diesel pump set manufactured in accordance with NFPA 20


Maximum flow of 120m3
Elevation up to 64m
NFPA 20 control panel
Diesel heat engine

Further information

Weight 800 kg
Dimensions 190x600x800 cm




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Technical descriptions:

  • Unit manufactured in accordance with NFPA 20
  • Maximum flow of 120 m3 / h
  • Horizontal Type
  • Daewoo diesel engine 
  • Antistatic paint
  • Maximum elevation of 64 m
  • Control panel
  • 365 liter tank

NFPA 20 standard:

  • Due to the particular importance of NFPA fire pumps, the standard was developed based on material characteristics and performance. These requirements must be met for compliance with NFPA 20. Based on these conditions, it can be seen that fire pumps are quite different from other pumps. Fire pumps are designed and manufactured to provide maximum reliability and a clear output pressure value throughout their service life.



  • An explosive atmosphere is quite simply a place, open or not, in which the risk of explosion is greater than the average. This risk may or may not be known. There may be signs visible to the naked eye of explosive risk, although more often than not indicators of explosive risk require finer tools than the human eye.
    The explosion can come from different materials: liquids, solids or gases. It can be dangerous for humans, even fatal. This is why the explosive risk is considered in the French Labor Code and more generally at the level of the European Commission.

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