Kubota 25hp diesel fire engine pump

Motor pump Fire or exhaustion high pressure and flow

There are few such lightweight portable diesel pumps with such high specifications.
This KUBOTA DIESEL motor pump brings full satisfaction both in exhaustion and in fire use.
It is intended to fight against fire or to supply vehicles or water tanks.
• Pump and motor are mounted on a painted steel frame with handles.
• Can also be delivered on skid (bare chassis).


  • Diesel heat engine
  • Max flow 1150l / min
  • 370 l / min at 12 bar
  • 850 l / min at 7 bar

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Performance at 1m

1150 l / min @ 0,7 Bar
1120 l / min @ 3,4 Bar
850 l / min @ 7 Bar
520 l / min @ 10 Bar
370 l / min @ 12 Bar

Pump Specifications

• Single-turbine centrifugal pump.
• Pump body in resistant aluminum alloy.
• Bronze turbine.
• Mechanical seal.
• Stainless steel shaft.
• Automatic ignition by guaranteed exhaust gas
up to 6m.
• 1 outlet of 1 1/2 ”BSP (45 mm) with valve
• 1 suction of 2 ”1/2 BSP (70 mm).

Engine Specifications

• KUBOTA 25 CV diesel engine at 3600 rpm, water cooling
• 12V electric start.
• 22 L tank detached

Accessories Included

• On / off button.
• Accelerator lever.
• Oil gauge.
• Table lighting.
• Pressure mano.
• Vacuum mano.
• Witnesses.


• On / off button.
• Accelerator lever.
• Oil gauge.
• Table lighting.
• Pressure mano.
• Vacuum mano.
• Witnesses.

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