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Fire pump and high pressure exhaustion with electric ignition


Petrol petrol engine
Max flow 2000 l / min
1500 l / min at 6,9 bars
550 l / min at 12 bars

Further information

Weight 178 kg
Dimensions 104,7x80,3x80 cm



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High pressure & flow portable fire or exhaustion motor pump

Petrol engine

This high pressure / large volume motor pump was designed to fight fires or supply vehicles with water on fire scenes.
This hybrid motor pump model makes it possible not to choose between flow rate and pressure, it is ideal for fitting on a vehicle or in an industrial fire station.

  • The motor and the pump are mounted on a steel profile chassis with shock and vibration absorbing pads with 4 carrying handles.

Performance at 1m

2000 l / min at 3,5 bars
1500 l / min at 6,9 bars
730 l / min at 10 bars
550 l / min at 12 bars
250 l / min at 13 bars

Pump Specifications

• Aluminum body
• Bronze turbine
• Mechanical seal
• Stainless steel shaft
• Electric priming system, guaranteed up to 6m
• Two 2 1/2 ”(65 mm) outlets
• Suction: 4 ”(100 mm)

Engine Specifications

• Volkswagen 46hp at 3600 RPM, air cooling.
• 4-cylinder, 4-T. Essence.
• Tank 11.4 l) separate.

Accessories Included

• Start / stop button
• Accelerator
• Choke
• Oil indicator
• Table lighting
• Pressure mano
• Vacuum mano

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