Fire engine with priming by exhaust

portable petrol fire pump


  • Petrol petrol engine
  • Priming by exhaust
  • Max flow 1400 l / min
  • max head height 80m

Further information

Weight 75 kg
Length 62,3x50x60 cm




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  • Transportable portable motor pump, used by professionals.
  • 13.4 kW Briggs & Stratton twin-cylinder petrol engine (18hp)
  • Air cooling
  • Cast iron pump housing
  • Stainless steel outer frame
  • Light alloy body and wheel
  • 18 A / h battery
  • Steel muffler
  • 100 mm suction hose
  • Electric start
  • Priming by exhaust
  • 9 liter tank
  • Weight 74 kg dry


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