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High pressure fire engine with Hatz motorization


Diesel heat engine
Max flow 1000 l / min
500 l / min at 6 bars
100 l / min at 7 bars

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Weight 152 kg
Dimensions 76,5x56x58 cm



VET 500-5 D

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High pressure portable centrifugal fire pump

HATZ single cylinder diesel engine, 4 stroke, 14 hp at 3600 rpm
Air cooling
Direct injection
Mechanical speed regulator
Electric starter with ignition key
Crank with non-return security
Max flow at a suction height of 3m
500 l / min to 5 bars
700 l / min to 4 bars
Max flow: 1000 l / min (Height 1.5 m)
Suction: 1 X DSP 65/70 fittings
Discharge: 1 X DSP 65/70 fittings
Dry weight: 152 kg
Weight in running order (full facts): 160 kg
Comfortable carrying, balanced weight distribution,
Four folding carrying handles
Quick priming up to 7,5 m thanks to the manual piston pump
High operating reliability
Wrap around frame design
Curved surface of the turbine blades offering high efficiency
Sealing of the pump shaft ensured by a sliding ring seal (maintenance-free)

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