Self-priming electric pump with generator on road trailer (550m3 / h max)

  • This towable pump is self-priming with a max solid passage of 75 x 78 mm.
  • Ideal for flood emergencies, it is mounted on a road trailer to speed up its deployment.
  • Max flow rate of 550m3 / h, it is essential for civil security or firefighters in the fight against flooded areas and floods.
  • Its generator set provides energy for all the tools needed by flood relief.
  • 100% customizable product made in Europe.


  • Diesel motor
  • 500m3 / h at 8m
  • 300m3 / h at 15m
  • 200m3 / h at 18m

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Electric inflator 

  • Self-priming
  • VIESSE RB831B pump
  • Pump power: 22kW @ 1450 rpm
  • GJL250 cast iron wheel
  • GJS400 cast iron pump body
  • C40 steel shaft
  • Solid passage: 78 x 75 mm
  • Discharge / Suction: 200mm

Electric motor

  • IEC size: 180L
  • Power: 1450 rpm @ 22kW - 400V
  • Of poles: 4
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Protection: IP55


  • Diesel driven by KHOLER engine
  • Fuel tank: 120L
  • Liquid cooling
  • 64HP —4 cyl — 2482cc
  • Stage V engine: Its emission level allows you to tow the trailer on the road.


  • This type of intervention trailer is made to measure.
  • This product is 100% customizable
    • LED lighting
    • FIRECO telescopic mast
    • Discharge hose reel
    • Supports for suction hoses
    • Storage box
    • Accessories
    • Roll bar + tarpaulin

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