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High pressure centrifugal fire engine

High pressure portable centrifugal fire pump

Petrol engine Complies with standard EN 14 466


Petrol petrol engine
Max flow 1400 l / min
750 l / min at 10 bars
1200 l / min at 6 bars

Further information

Weight 112 kg
Dimensions 697x545x645 cm




EFP 750-10-E

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4-stroke 2-cylinder petrol engine with Briggs & Stratton 26 kW at 3600 rpm
Air cooling Electronic fuel injection Electric starter

Max flow at a suction height of 3m
375 l / min at 12 bars
750 l / min at 10 bars
1000 l / min at 8 bars
1200 l / min at 6 bars
Suction: 1 X AR 100/110 fittings Discharge: 2 X DSP 65/70 fittings
Dry weight: 112 kg
Weight in running order (full facts): 130 kg

Comfortable carrying, balanced weight distribution, Four folding carrying handles

The two discharge outlets can be oriented without tools to make it easier to run the discharge pipes in situations with little space.
No fixed fuel tank mounted on the portable motor pump, the tank is detachable.
A full 20 liters can run the pump for more than 2 hours.
The pump can be carried by 2 people, just by removing the fuel tank.
Interchangeable fuel tank in operation.
The pump continues to run for approx. 40 s when replacing the container / jerry can
Dimensions: L x W x H: 697 mm x 545 mm x 645 mm

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