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High pressure centrifugal fire engine Fiat engine


Petrol petrol engine
Max flow 2400l / min
1730 l / min at 8 bars
1040 l / min at 10 bars

Further information

Weight 161 kg
Dimensions 109x79.9x8.2 cm



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Portable centrifugal fire engine, developed on the basis of practical experience.
Very reliable in every situation or use thanks to a thousand proven components.
High pressure portable centrifugal fire pump

Petrol engine

• Unique sound level of 81 dB (A); No need for hearing protection required by regulations

• Easy to operate even with gloves

• Lowered fuel tank for easy filling

Performance at 3m

1730 l / min @ 8 bars
1330 l / min @ 10 bars

Performance at 7,5m

1.190 l / min at 8 bars
1.040 l / min at 10 bars
2.400 l / min maximum flow rate for drainage or transfer
• Pressure with closed valves: 16 bar
• Test pressure: 25 bar

Pump Specifications

Large flow at low pressure

<br>•  Two-stage centrifugal pump
<br>•  Rresistant to charged water
<br>•  Pace of cavitation
<br>•  Rresistant for continuous service, for days ...

<br>•  Suction by SYM 70 fitting
<br>•  Discharge: 2 DSP 70 fittings

Engine Specifications

<br>•  4 cylinder engine - 4 Stroke Fiat 54 kW / 74 HP at 4.000 rpm
<br>•  Usable in all inclinations, no problems with oil lubrication
<br>•  Electric start as standard; Integrated emergency manual start.

Accessories Included

• 8 handles in the corners allow easy transport with two hands.
Without getting stuck, without tripping because of protruding handles
• Protective stainless steel cradle with additional roll-bar

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