Fireco is pleased to offer you this new portable test pump, the model EFP-25-0.8 (B or E), designed specifically for checking dry columns under static pressure.

A dry column test pump? What is it for ? 

A dry column allows the fire brigade to connect the pipe of the van to the floor affected by the fire.

When a fire occurs, it is imperative that the water columns are functional and comply with the standard NF S 61-759 "Installation and maintenance of dry and loaded columns" in order to detect a possible leak or failure on a constituent part, and for this it is compulsory to carry out hydrostatic tests. (Pressurization at 16 / 25B)

With thermal or electric motor, our test pump has a flow rate of 25 l / min and a pressure of 0 to 25 bars.

Supplied with all accessories: Choice of supply connection, disconnectable high pressure delivery hose resistant to 200 bars long. 3m with DSP 65 connection, Frame of foolproof robustness, chassis on silentblocs.

Our pump for dry columns VET-25-0.8B (heat engine) or EFP-25-0.8E  (electric motor) is the essential professional tool to perform this operation.

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