Fire intervention trailer equipped with centrifugal pump

Fire-fighting motor pumps on trailers

We are able to offer multiple types of fire-fighting motor pumps on supports such as freight trailers, light trailers, heavy trailers and open or soundproofed skids. This allows us to meet the most specific needs, providing specialized products and highly personalized individual unit productions.


  • Flow from 40 lpm to 60 lpm
  • IVECO diesel engine
  • 40 liter tank
  • Installation on trailer

Further information

Weight 1800 kg
Length 3300x1500x2500 cm




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Our NIAGARA Pumps:

The fire-fighting motor pumps NIAGARA are conceived, studied and realized to provide the best performances, guaranteeing a great reliability, the possibility of having highly personalized solutions, an excellent quality-price ratio, a simple but charming design typically Italian as well as extremely weights and dimensions. reduced, in favor of the load capacity and maneuverability that characterize all current production.

EFP-40-30 pump:

  • Centrifugal pump
  • Flow rate of 670 lpm @ 30 bar
  • Body made entirely of aluminum with anti-corrosion treatment
  • Medium pressure wheel made of aluminum with anti-corrosion treatment
  • High pressure bronze impeller
  • 4-cylinder 4-stroke diesel engine
  • Power of 93 kW @ 2200 rpm
  • 12V starter + alternator
  • Liquid cooling with radiator
  • Foam compatible
  • Digital control panel


  • Hot-dip galvanized steel beam lifting frame with mudguard
  • Single axle independent suspension with torsion bar, maintenance free
  • Mechanical brake and drum parking brake with automatic reversing
  • 12 V lighting system
  • Fixed height rudder trailer with hook
  • Rotating telescopic jockey wheel
  • N ° 2 retractable and adjustable rear stabilizers
  • Carbon steel fuel tank
  • 40 Liter capacity


A selection of pumps adapted to your specific needs

Fire safety

Large range of firefighting and flood fighting motor pumps. Pumps can be skid-mounted, portable, or trailer-mounted

Marine - Sea water

Range of motor pumps resistant to sea water. Can be used for security services on ships and oil ports, commercial ports

Industrial building

Fire pumps are usually approved by a certification body and are powered by an electric or diesel engine or sometimes by a steam turbine.

Flood Construction site

Pumps used for lifting wastewater, evacuating loaded and muddy water, drying or irrigating.

Civil security

Motor pumps used during flooding to collect or drain water

Home Security

Motor pumps and a swimming pool to fight fires, as well as our range of cellar pumps intended for the evacuation of rainwater and clear water!