Industrial building

Euromast offers a range of motor pumps designed for securing industrial buildings. These pumps are used to supply a fire protection system (lances, sprinklers, etc.) and ensure collective safety.

Often approved by a certification body, these pumps can be motor-powered electric, Diesel or sometimes by steam turbine.

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La fire safety is a crucial element for industrial buildings, as these buildings may contain hazardous materials that can easily cause fires. It is therefore essential to put in place fire prevention and protection measures to protect employees, property and the environment.

Motor pumps play an important role in the fire safety of industrial buildings by providing a means of pumping water to extinguish fires. These pumps can be used to supply the fire fighting systems, such as fire hoses and sprinklers. It is important to ensure that motor pumps are maintained regularly and that employees are trained to use them correctly.

A selection of pumps adapted to your specific needs

Fire safety

Large range of firefighting and flood fighting motor pumps. Pumps can be skid-mounted, portable, or trailer-mounted

Marine - Sea water

Range of motor pumps resistant to sea water. Can be used for security services on ships and oil ports, commercial ports

Industrial building

Fire pumps are usually approved by a certification body and are powered by an electric or diesel engine or sometimes by a steam turbine.

Flood Construction site

Pumps used for lifting wastewater, evacuating loaded and muddy water, drying or irrigating.

Civil security

Motor pumps used during flooding to collect or drain water

Home Security

Motor pumps and a swimming pool to fight fires, as well as our range of cellar pumps intended for the evacuation of rainwater and clear water!