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      Custom fire trailer for Iveco pump

      Trailer complete with accessories for emergency interventions:

      We are able to offer multiple types of fire-fighting water pumps on supports such as freight trailers, light trailers, heavy trailers and open or soundproofed skids.

      This allows us to meet the most specific needs, providing specialized products and highly personalized individual unit productions.


      Trailer PTC 500 kg
      Payload up to 390 kg
      Motor pump EFP-1000-10 supplied + many accessories

      Further information

      Weight115 kg
      Dimensions151 × 101 cm



      Categories: Application job:

      Trailer :

      Trailer PTC 500 kg
      Payload up to 390 kg
      independent wheel suspension
      2 outer 13 ”wheels for better handling
      spare wheel
      Ribbed sheet metal body with an openable and removable drop side kit
      Aluminum cover fitted with jacks
      Smooth floor
      1 adjustable articulated drawbar
      1 Jockey wheel at the front, 2 rear anti-tilt crutches

      Supplied accessories:

      • 1 EFP 1000-10 motor pump
      • 4 2m DN110 aspirals
      • 2 delivery pipes of 20m DN70
      • 2 Spanner wrench
      • 1 strainer DN 110
      • 1 float
      • 1 nylon control


      Suction by connection AR 110
      Discharge: 2 DSP 70 fittings
      Suction height at 3 meters:
      • 1730 l / min at 8 bar
      • 1330 l / min at 10 bar

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